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VALANCE - The short, horizontal curtain located in front of the main traveler, usually a velour fabric.

MAIN TRAVELER - Also called the front act or grand drape, it is the forward most bi-parting curtain, usually made of a heavy velour or velvet fabric.

BORDER - Similar in size to the valance, these are masking curtains used to hide lighting and track from the audiences view. They are usually black in color.

LEGS - Narrow vertical curtains used to mask the off stage areas from the audiences view. They are also used to give additional wing space on narrow stages. Color is generally black.

MID-STAGE TRAVELER - Also called an Olio curtain. It is a bi-parting curtain located upstage of the main traveler and generally used to mask a set change. Color is generally black.

SCRIM - Made of an open weave fabric, this curtain is designed to hide a scene from the audience when lit from the front. When the scene is lit from behind and the front lights are shut off, the fabric becomes transparent.

REAR TRAVELER - Also called the upstage traveler. It is the bi-parting curtain located furthest upstage. It is used to hide scenery or the rear cyclorama. Color is generally black.

CYCLORAMA - Also called Cyc or Sky Drop. It is a flat panel either white or light blue in color made of a cotton muslin fabric. Located near the back wall of the stage it is used as a sky background.



All of our curtains are sewn with an additional 50% fullness. Box pleats are used on all dead hung curtains and grommet-in pleats are used on all traveler curtains. Pleats are spaced on 12" centers.

Top hems are reinforced with 3" heavy jute webbing. Side hems are 3", the center stage side of traveler panels are sewn with a 12" turn-back hem. bottom hems for travelers and legs are 4" with a separate muslin chain pocket sewn 1" above the outer hem and weighted with #8 zinc plated jack chain.

Traveler curtains are supplied with S-hooks and dead hung curtains are supplied with 32" tie lines.


The main traveler and valance are almost always of a fire retardant cotton or polyester velour. This grade of velour will last for many years and is very rich looking. The balance of the back-stage curtains can be fabricated of 16oz, 20oz or 24oz velours or if budget is a consideration, fabrics such as Chevron, Atlas Oxford, Duvetyne and Willow are available.