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imgA good theater can make the movie-going experience more memorable. Major Theatre is a complete solution for your theater's needs. We carry the quality screens, maskings, and curtains that can help make your theater more enjoyable for your customers.

Major Theatre has installed thousands of projection screens all over the United States. We can help you decide what screen will work best for your theater needs. Choosing the right screen is very important in that it helps improve the picture quality and can even aid in the sound within the theater.

Major Theatre has supplied maskings and movable maskings to cinemas throughout the United States, including the Graumann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Our maskings are extremely durable and made from inherently flame retardant fabric.

Maskings are used to frame a movie screen with a black border. Maskings provide a number of benefits:

  • Ensuring the focus of the viewer is on the screen, and not on things around the screen.
  • Hiding the screen frame and edges of the screen.
  • Utilizing movable maskings enables using the screen for a number of size formats, without white screen on either side.
  • Black maskings can absorb light spill onto the maskings in the event that a projector is off center, without making it obvious to the viewer.

Maskings can be movable or static. Movable side maskings are the most common, and are used when you have either no height and width limitations, or only height limitations. Movable tops (and less commonly movable bottoms) are used when there are width limitations. Less commonly, several or all of the movable masking types may be used, but this is more expensive and sometimes more difficult to rig and automate.

Wall Curtains
Theatre owners across the United States have relied on Major Theatre Equipment for high quality fabrics and materials and quality installations for decades. Our staff and installation crews are acutely aware of critical opening dates and schedules, and we work closely with architects and owners to meet your needs. Our curtains are custom made to your specifications and are held to our high standard; you can be assured that you will be purchasing a quality product that will last.